My Dear Friends,
Our Dear country India. Who has a great heritage of great civilization also fallen pray to the addictions together with other countries too? There are about 90% people have got caught in this or that addiction. The situation of our country is not different from other countries. Addiction is every where all over the world. This addiction is only among the people, the human beings. The animals are not fallen in this. Only human beings have accepted this addiction. As we see that most of the people are getting caught in this horrible addiction, we have started one NGO named “Matrubhumi Vyasan Nirmulan Sanstha” and for the last ten years we have been working for this addicted people in our Maharashtra. We have very good team of Social workers and they give the time and help for this good cause. We also have so many other well wishers and the friends who have acknowledged our clear effects and have given their helping hand in this work. We would like to put before you our real and clear information and details for you to understand our work.

Anti-Addiction Movement

We, the team of Vyasan Mukti Nirmulan Sanstha go to the schools, high schools and colleges and give lecture to the students and make them understand the addiction and what bad and what is good for us as human beings. This way we have tried our level be to spread the reals awareness among the young generations. We have written about seven books on this subject .

Anti-Addiction &Hipnotism Center

In order to give them guidance and understanding we have started the above project. We give them sittings for some days and make them realize that what they are doing is wrong and harmful and try to bring them out of addiction and make them normal. Besides this, we also have the medical treatment for this these people and the same we do free of cost.